Advanced C# - Learn from Open Source|Create Project List<T>

About this course

First of all Why we need to re-create a class that is already available within the .Net framework library?
What is the purpose of cloning it? To answer that let me explain "Why this course"?

When it comes to Software development, everyone will look forward to working in a very interesting, complex, challenging projects which will simulate the thoughts, analytical, and technical skills. Working on such challenging projects will help anyone to gain tremendous knowledge on new things. However, in reality, not everyone will get the opportunity to work on something very cool and interesting.

But if one is interested in learning something cool, or some examples of some good design or advanced concepts, the best place to learn is looking at the source code of existing well-proven applications.

In today's world, many of the applications, frameworks, tools, utilities are completely open-source. Where we can explore every single source code file and understand the design, algorithm, logic behind it.

What is in this Course

This course is an attempt and walkthrough of an answer for a curious technical exploration question.

We all know that the .NET framework itself is open-source, which means we can access every class in .NET framework to see how it is written. With the situation of readily available source code, this is a self-challenge to re-create some of the existing .NET framework features from scratch and validate if our thought or design aligns with what is originally written within the .NET framework. Here in this course, I'm re-creating the experience of creating a List class from scratch along with the details.

We will explore the challenges and learning in the journey of building this feature.  Time to time we will peak into the source code of .net framework to understand how this feature is implemented there.

There are few chapters on the Netstandard library with detailed walkthru of creating the NetStandard library.

Who this course is for:
  • Passionate developers wanting to learn some advanced C# topics.
  • Anyone interested and curious in understanding how some of the cool products are built and have interest to explore and learn from it.
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