LEE's Web Hacking (SQL-injection AND SECURE-CODING Skills)

About this course

This course is very compact, simple but has very valuable interesting content.

Designed for more convenient watching on your smartphone or tablet.

  • The SQL-Injection is world's most famous hacking-skills to the all kinds of web applications.

  • Designed by the IT security-instructor who has the experience on private educational institute and Anti-Cyber-Crime School for the goverment of South KOREA.

  • The Data Robbers can steal the data from any spots ! (Login / Search / Registering information)

  • Present day, every web developers must need this protection-skills. [ PREPARED-STATEMENT ]

  • Coming soon ~~!   The Next laboratory for Other programming language's Protections or New secure coding skills !!!

  • [ Next Update list -->>  PHP's RedBean ORM , PHP's Frameworks , Python's Frameworks and ORM, DB-stored procedure ]

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners / Professional developers on Web programmings
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