Develop Facebook Quiz Fun App from Scratch Using PHP

About this course

Finally this is going to be my first course ever on Udemy and hopefully more will come soon so this course if mainly for those who wants to learn more about Facebook PHP SDK and Facebook Graph API that how they can develop amazing apps using different ideas and one of the widely used idea is to make fun quizzes using Facebook platform and this course will teach you from a-z that how you can create a full working Facebook quiz fun app from scratch and the beauty is you can make many and many quizzes using the same technique used in the course videos so what are waiting for you just get into it, learn it and do it!

Who this course is for:
  • Students who have basic PHP programming skill.
  • Students who want to make interesting and fun app using Facebook PHP SDK.
  • Students who have basic understanding of Facebook Graph API and want to make interesting projects using it.
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