Elementor 2.0 Wordpress Essential Training to build websites

How to build Wordpress websites using Elementor Page Builder plugin 2.0

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How to create Wordpress websites using Elementor page builder
  • How to use various widgets of Elementor page builder.
  • How to use Elementor pro page builder plugin to create wordpress websites in 2018
  • Bonus: You will also learn how you can create free logo for your Elementor website
  • Bonus: how to save 100USD every month on marketing using Elementor.

Course details

Topic: Elementor

Duration: 1hr 54min

Level: Any Level

Created by: Ankit Sharma

Language: English

Provider: Udemy

About this course

Hello and welcome to "Elementor 2.0 Wordpress Essential Training to build websites" where you will learn how to create better WordPress websites using Elementor for your clients and for your own without writing a single like of code.

Elementor page builder plugin is the fastest growing page builder for Wordpress with more than a Million downloads from the Wordpress repository. 

Elementor page builder has and advantage that its also available with a free version which is so powerful that you can create a full website by just using the free version of it. 

But we will be covering both Free and paid version of Elementor Page builder plugin.

Elementor Wordpress Essential Training - Course Content:

# Elementor Essentials - The basics

- What we are building in this course.

- Why you should use Elementor page builder.

- Elementor Free Vs. Elementor Paid Version.

# Prepare your Wordpress website for Elementor

- Find Your inspiration website to build with WordPress and Elementor.

- Finding images for your website.

- Bonus: Create free logo for your WordPress Website.

- Choosing the correct theme to go with Elementor Page Builder.

# Setup Elementor Plugin

- Prepare WordPress with Elementor & Elementor Pro.

- Understanding Elementor layouts and structure.

- Setting colors and fonts with Elementor.

# Building pages with Elementor

- Building Custom Elementor Header.

- Building Elementor Banner & Sliders.

- Building Services section with Image-text box.

- Building Elementor Parallax effect.

- Building Single and Slider Testimonials.

- Building Event section using Countdown widget. 

- Adding Blog post on home page.

- Adding a newsletter Subscription form.

- Contact Page with Map and Form.

- Building Custom Elementor Footer.

# Using Elementor Templates

- Create your Elementor Template.

- Using Elementor pre-installed templates..

# Bonus Section for business owners and Digital Marketers.

- How to save 100USD per month on marketing using Elementor.

- Bonus Trick -1

- Bonus Trick -2

- End of Course with Free Elementor Library.

Who this course is for:

  • Elementor Wordpress Essential Training is for you if you wish to learn how to create a WordPress website yourself without coding in 2018
  • This course is for your if you are a non-tech designer and wish to create WordPress Websites for your clients using Elementor
  • This course is for those who wish to learn the latest and fastest growing WordPress page builder ie Elementor
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