Write and Read in Arabic in 3 hours or less!

The best course to learn Writing/Reading in Arabic.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • How to Read and Write in Arabic
  • Recognise and correctly pronounce the Arabic letters
  • Read this: أسكن في دبي و لكن أنا من الأردن
  • Read even this: عِندي أُسرَة كَبيرة و جميلة

Course details

Topic: Arabic Language

Duration: 1hr 57min

Level: Any Level

Created by: Mozn Akhourshiedah

Language: English

Provider: Udemy

About this course

In this course, you are going to learn how to Write and Read in Arabic in a very short time. I will guide you step by step to understand the system of writing in Arabic, so in a very short time you will have a great understanding and hands on the whole process.

What you will learn?

  • The writing/reading concept

  • The Arabic alphabet; 28 letters

  • The sounds of each letter and how to write it correctly

  • The special signs that help you to read.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone tired or lost where to start learning Writing & Reading in Arabic
  • Anyone thinks that the Arabic language is difficult
  • Anyone interested in learning the Arabic language
  • Anyone interested in the Arabic culture
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