Arduino step by step: Getting Started with the hardware.

The guide For Beginners in Programming and Arduino.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • understand what is an Arduino board
  • learn the components of the Arduino board
  • learn what is the micro-controller
  • Programming definition
  • Algorithms definition
  • modern programming
  • know the benefits of programming and the different fields of it
  • create the first code with python

Course details

Topic: Arduino

Duration: 44min

Level: Any Level

Created by: Bellal Remli

Language: English

Provider: Udemy

About this course

In this course, you find series of videos that covers an introduction to programming(python,,,,etc) and explanation of Arduino hardware ,we are going to start learning Arduino from start to mastering the implementation of various applications, so I aim through this course to explain Arduino from the concept of hardware and software. Create a template that includes codes, copiers, and bulk codes without a qualification to create a final set of codes for various projects. Arduino card on request: It is an electronic card on which there is a controller and it is the spirit of this card, and through, this control is programmed and interacts with the sensors which are connected, programmed and obtained from them on different values ​​and outline everything and define specific terms of your Design.

        You do not need to address the circumstances. Maintenance, you must learn Arduino well if you want to create program controlled projects.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Arduino
  • Beginners in Arduino
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