Python Gui - Software development in python

With Qml 3, Qt 6.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Write Beautiful and Trendy Apps in Python 3
  • Learn how to use Signals and Slots in Qml 3
  • Learn how responsivenes is achieved using native threading in Python
  • Learn how to Write applications in the recommended UI/UX language Qml
  • Learn how to Build GUI applications in the .exe, .dmg or .sh format.
  • Learn whats modern in Qt development other done QtWidgets

Course details

Topic: Python GUI

Duration: 6 hours

Level: Any Level

Certification: Available

Created by: Daniel IT

Language: English

Provider: Udemy

About this course

Gui's are what are missing from most programmer's toolkit, they cannot find it in addition to their wealth of knowledge. Not many years ago, I researched by God's help and found to my utmost pleasure how programming knowledge is applied in the real world both for UI's and Core-code (Both are scripted by the way).

Qt has powered the world of UI's and still powers it. Adobe, VLC, Oracle are a few notable institutions that use Qt for both UI and also for functional code (for functional code, we will use python). But here is the catch, not so recent though, Qt released Qt Quick Markup language (Qml), that is not written in python, but rather in CSS style scripting language. This will help the advanced team-work desire to separate UI from core-code functionality.

Also, there is another problem here, you can't seem to find many resources on it online. So here is it, an introduction and a quick practical hands-on, on building a complete Python app with a modern trendy Gui.

Who this course is for:

  • Python programmers hoping to study the writing of GUI's in python
  • Python developers hoping to study development in Qt and Qml
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