The Complete Python Developer Course

Learn Python like a Professional! Start step by step from basic to build complete games and apps with python3

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Build your First app in Python
  • Build Games like Tic Tac Toy
  • Build complete ticket reservation desktop app
  • Understand the programming foundation
  • Design Python GUI apps
  • Understand the programming logic, condition and control
  • Understand the OOP in Python
  • Work with database and file
  • Working with multi threading
  • Read JSON from HTTP

Course details

Topic: Python

Duration: 9 hours

Level: Any Level

Certification: Available

Created by: Hussein Al Rubaye

Language: English

Provider: Udemy

About this course

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft. I have Ph.D. & Master in Software Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology in USA. I've helped hundreds of thousands of students learn to code and change their lives by becoming a developer.  I have apps in Google Play, Microsoft Store, and  Apple Store there are more than million users who are using my apps. Also, I have many tutorials on YouTube( 500k+ subscribes). Because of my contribution to teaching programming, I got Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (17) . Also, I teach at Udacity, Udemy, SkillShare, StackSkills, and a local university. For more see my website

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