Flutter 101-Your Ultimate Guide to Flutter Development

Learn Flutter from scratch by working on some awesome projects.

Expected learning & outcomes

  • flutter
  • flutter development
  • android development
  • ios development
  • cross platform development
  • web app development

Course details

Topic: Google Flutter

Duration: 1hr 51min

Level: Any Level

Created by: Harsh khatri

Language: English

Provider: Udemy

About this course

Welcome to flutter 101, your ultimate guide for learning flutter development.

Throughout this course, you will be learning various essential things that are mostly used by a flutter developer when he/she is working at some firm.

This course will help you learn how to create fast and stunning mobile applications with so much ease. The projects/apps which you will be making throughout the course will be working on android as well as ios. Some changes to the projects make them compatible will web browsers as well.

You will also be building a large number of apps with the difficulty level ranging from beginner to advanced and these projects/apps will help you get better with the concepts eventually.

I will also be covering some of the most used flutter packages which are generally used while we are developing a flutter app.

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Delight your users with Flutter's built-in beautiful Material Design. Flutter's hot reload helps you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs faster. Cross-platform development with Flutter.

Flutter’s widgets incorporate all critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts to provide full native performance on both iOS and Android.

Happy Learning!!

Who this course is for:

  • Begineer
  • Flutter developers
  • android developers
  • ios developers
  • cross platform developers
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